Sonntag, 21. August 2011


Today, on August 21 and we will leave Turkey. At this point we finally say goodbye to our turkish readers. Thanks to the new internet regulation that goes into effect on August 22, a brand new kind of filtering and censorship will become part of the internet in Turkey, a country where debates
regarding human rights and freedom issues are ever present.
I read in a magazin that many ordinary words used in everyday language appear on the list of banned words. If the word "hatun" (woman or wife) appears in a domain name, this site gets shut down. Same thing with "hayvan" (animal), "yetiskin" (adult) or, you would not belive it: "sarisin" (blonde). Yet there are no limitations to brunettes or dark skinned people.
We will come back next year to start our tour in Istanbul, but probably our blog will be banned here.
So goodbye Turkey, take care, byebye.

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